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Mangano Calcite Spheres

Mangano Calcite Spheres

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This listing is for 1 Mangano Calcite Sphere of your choice. Mangano Calcite is a UV reactive crystal, it glows a florescent pink under a black light. Please refer to the product photos for crystal selection. Each crystal at Lala Lotus Co. has been reikied by a certified reiki and energy healing master. 


Metaphysical Meaning:

Mangano calcite is a wonderfully calming and loving stone. It is UV fluorescent and glows a hot neon pink under a black light. Mangano Calcite is linked to the heart chakra and is a wonderful heart healing stone. It helps us to push forward through lingering, unresolved pain or trauma. Manago calcite promotes self-healing and inner peace. It is also a fantastic stone for compassion, pure love, and joy. Often, when people work with Mangano Calcite they report feeling comfort and self-love, reminiscent of Rose Quartz. Mangano Calcite encourages us to be true to ourselves and helps us to find comfort within ourselves.


Crystal Sphere Meaning: 

Due to its unique shape, the sphere symbolizes energy flowing in all directions simultaneously. Crystal spheres are excellent for energy healing, meditation, massage, crystal grids, and environmental cleansing. Crystal spheres are lovely home decor pieces with intention. The sphere is a sacred shape in many cultures. It symbolizes oneness, unity, and completeness. The sphere is the most symmetrical shape, allowing the crystal to radiate powerful high vibrational energy.


Due to its loving and protective nature, we recommend placing your Mangano Calcite Tower at the entrance to your sacred space. That could be the front door to welcoming loving energy to the home while providing protection. It Would be beneficial in a bathroom for a soothing spa-like effect, or even in a bedroom whatever your sacred space is.



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